About For Love & Living

 Our Founder

 Hello there,

You may be here wondering who organises the logistics, dreams up the styling concepts and executes the finer details - or maybe, you simply want to get to know me a little better.

Well, let me formally introduce myself. I’m Emma, the founder and creator behind For Love and Living. I’m a planner and stylist who is deeply passionate about creating beautiful, impactful spaces, designed to be enjoyed and remembered.

Before FLL was born, I studied and worked in psychology, driven by a fascination for all things human behaviour. During this time I developed invaluable skills - from responding to high-pressure situations with a calm, person-centred approach, to the ability to really listen and understand the needs of others with a specific (rather than generalised) response.

But more importantly, I discovered the undeniable connection we have between our environment and our emotive responses. Specifically, how certain colours, textures and sounds - whether it be through our living space or at a wedding - can make us feel certain emotions and directly influence our experience.

This is what led me to create a business that purposefully served those seeking a more tailored and unique approach to their wedding, event or interiors. By uncovering what means the most to you, and using this core value to create your perfect space. ​My approach to styling is carefully considered and always intentional; leaving you with an experience that authentically resonates with you, your loved ones or clients.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss your wedding day plans, how to create your most memorable birthday yet or transforming a cluttered space into an inspiring one - I would love to learn more about your vision and help you bring this to life through purposeful design.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Emma x