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Karen’s journey began in Perth, inspired by an unshakable love of fashion that lead her to pursue her dream in design, learning and gaining experience in fashion houses around the world.

 Early on in her career, after establishing a label, Karen’s wedding dresses gained attention, so much so that Karen pivoted her business to focus solely on Bridal wear.

 In 2000 Karen arrived in Sydney where she opened her Bridal couture business, which went on to expand throughout Australia. As styles, interest and the modern bride changed, so did she. The trick, of course, was to remain true to her authentic style while catering to the ever-changing bridal industry.

 Although initially specialising in couture gowns, Karen soon realised that Bespoke and ready-to-wear options where in high demand. 

 Fast forward to 2020, Karen now offers five ranges that combine both bespoke and ready-to-wear options. The Bespoke range is designed to be mixed and matched for brides to customise their perfect gown. The Curve and Wildhearts ranges provide modern, boho comfort – while catering to each beautiful, unique bride who walks into a KWH boutique. The Luxe range is glamour personified, sold from stock for brides to have luxury at affordable prices. Finally, Elope is for the non-traditional bride. Perfect for the modern, simple yet stylish bride who wants to make an entrance, without the additional fuss that a classic gown may provide.


Karen shares her five tips for choosing a wedding dress that you feel comfortable in.


1.Find your inspiration

 Do your research before booking any appointments. Look at inspiration online on Pinterest or Instagram and try to find what styles you are naturally drawn towards. If a boutique or designer catches your eye and excites you, then book a consultation. Try and keep an open mind when you begin your search, and when trying on dresses. More often than not, it is the gown you least expect that will surprise you the most! 


2.Plan your day (and stick to it!)

 The reality is that there are so many beautiful gowns, and if you try and see each one out there, not only will you overload your schedule, you also will end up confusing yourself. Plan your day for between 1 and 4 consultations. Afterwards, try to narrow down your favourites dress from each place (if at all). 


3.Keep it personal

 Bring your closest friends, the ones whose opinions you trust the most, but don’t get caught up in everyone else’s thoughts. Surround yourself with the ones who have your best interests at heart. Remember every person has different tastes, and at the end of the day, this is your gown and your choice to make. 


4.Trust your stylist – she’s a professional for a reason

 Trust your stylist; they will often know what will look amazing on you before you do. With that in mind, your stylist should make you feel comfortable and at home while trying on different gowns. They should listen to your thoughts and help to find the dress that encompasses everything you want and have dreamt of. Your stylist is your partner in crime while you shop, they want you to have the very best, so listen to their professional advice, it may lead you to your dream gown.


5.A final word of wisdom

 Most importantly, choose the dress that you love yourself in. Brides look the most beautiful when they feel beautiful within themselves. If your gown is comfortable, makes you feel incredible, confident and euphoric, then it’s the one! 



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