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So you’re newly engaged, have selected your wedding venue, and saved far too many images from Pinterest. But, you’re not sure where to begin with transforming this into a reality and achieving exactly how you want your wedding day to look and feel.

If you’re like many newly engaged couples, you may not actually know what a wedding stylist does, how this would benefit you, and whether or not you should be investing a portion of your wedding budget into this service.

As a team of wedding stylists ourselves, we’re here to break this down for you.

What is a wedding stylist?

In a nutshell, a wedding stylist comes from a design perspective. They are responsible for the wedding “aesthetics” and all of the elements that impact how your day will look and feel. A good wedding stylist will take the time to get to know you both on a personal level to understand you more as a couple. They’ll want to uncover your own personal tastes and preferences to help them choose the right colours, styling products, florals and design elements to achieve your desired vision.

Why should you consider hiring a stylist?

There are many advantages to hiring a stylist. When you consider all of the finer details involved, designing a wedding can sometimes feel like a full-time job for couples, and a process that most simply don’t have the time to focus on.

When engaging in a stylist service, you’re essentially hiring a creative professional who can break down all of your ideas and condense this into a clear, concise and personalised design brief - allowing you to instantly visualise your day. The finer details like colour palette selection, product choice and presentation are often overlooked without a stylist, but ultimately make a huge difference to the atmosphere, emotions and overall vibe of your celebration.

Stylists are passionate about delivering new creative concepts to ensure no two weddings are the same, just like our couples. Bringing together a unique experience like this has a great responsibility, and one that your stylist does not take lightly. After all, they say your wedding day is meant to be one of the most memorable days of your entire life - we’re here to make sure that happens.

You can trust in your stylist to bring together an incredibly special, mood-evoking experience that has been carefully considered, keeping your needs at the forefront every step of the way. Your stylist will also help you choose the right vendors to be able to achieve your personalised design while meeting your style and budget.

What can you expect from working with a wedding stylist?

The wedding planning process itself is likely to be an 18-month long journey, and one that you will share with your stylist closely. Engaging in a stylist service early on is a great way to not only save you time, but also money.

More often than not, you probably tend to find your mind is swirling with ideas, and picturing your wedding day aesthetics can seem mind-boggling and stressful. You may have already found yourself buying unnecessary “items” every time you go shopping, or perhaps you have quickly become Facebook Marketplace’s number one user. Yes, stylists love all of those pretty details, but they also pride themselves on being practical and problem solvers too.

A stylist will make suggestions on the best ways to stick within your budget, and share tips on how you can repurpose items throughout the day to get the most value for money. Many a time we have repurposed ceremony arbours as beautiful adorned backdrops to a bridal table.

Your ideas can evidently change and evolve within this time frame, and a good professional stylist is not rigid to suggesting ways to evolve your ideas. You should seek a stylist who will design a bespoke wedding tailored specifically for you, without forcing any non-negotiable elements.

What’s it like being a wedding stylist?

Whilst a stylist job sounds ever so dreamy and “pretty” in theory and you may picture us looking chic and glamorous on the job (not the case), it’s important not to forget the nitty-gritty elements of the role that are often forgotten.

Dreaming up these concepts involves endless nights sourcing the right products - from backdrops, tableware, fabrics, colours and unique ideas that require custom-built projects within limited time frames. Not to mention polishing cutlery, ironing out table linen and being savvy with considering spatial awareness of the venue, so your guests don’t leave with a horrible experience or a space that feels empty or cluttered.

There are a plethora of roles that a stylist does behind the scenes (before we even set up on the day!) along with returning for that late-night pack down. They carefully consider all of these details beforehand to ensure a seamless blend from start to finish, so your day is nothing short of everything you have ever dreamed of.

How to choose your wedding stylist

We recommend doing your research when choosing a wedding stylist - meeting them in person is a great way to know if you feel connected to them on a more personal level. It’s so important to feel like you’re both on the same page with the direction for your wedding, while also feeling comfortable working and spending time alongside them. A stylist who “gets you” and understands your vision will effortlessly create your wedding dream reality.

If you’re currently searching for a wedding stylist on the Gold Coast, Tweed Coast or surrounds, we’d love to hear from you. You can see our latest wedding styling projects via our gallery, or get in touch to receive a copy of our packages.